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Looking through my social media feed, I've seen a lot of people sporting this new accessory, aptly called butterfly rings. They look absolutely gorgeous and there's no two alike. There are so many variations of this accessory that it's hard to choose the right one for you. There are small minimal ones, there are diamond-encrusted ones, and then there are those that are truly one of kind jewelry embedded with huge stones and intricate details. People are clamoring to get their hands on one of these beautiful pieces but how do you choose the right piece that'll match your style?Do you want to learn more? Visit butterfly ring.

If you are one that likes dramatic pieces and over the top embellishments, that you might want to go for the butterfly ring with huge precious or semi-precious stones embedded in them. Other pieces are big enough to be mistaken for real butterflies. My favorite ones are the modern-inspired recreation of butterflies that look artsier than jewelry. Butterfly rings studded with small stones are also a good choice and are perfect for formal occasions where subtlety in accessory is key. If you're looking for one that you can wear on casual days, then rings with minimal design and no stones are available and they cost significantly less.

 The great thing about butterfly rings is that they can be worn daily and on all types of occasions. You can wear them at work for a tiny spark of personality in your day. They're great at festivals and concerts where showing your personality is encouraged. And they can be worn on special events like weddings and other formal events to add a little quirkiness to the occasion. No matter your style, there's going to be a butterfly ring that'll match it.